Kingdom of Sweden
Konungariket Sverige
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: (Royal) "För Sverige i tiden"[a] 
"For Sweden – With the Times" 
Anthem: Du gamla, Du fria[b]
Thou ancient, thou free
Royal anthemKungssången
The Song of the King
 स्वीडेन के स्थान  (dark green) – in Europe  (green आर dark grey) – युरोपेली सङ्घ  (green)  –  [नक्सा]
 स्वीडेन के स्थान  (dark green)

– in Europe  (green आर dark grey)
– युरोपेली सङ्घ  (green)  –  [नक्सा]

 स्वीडेन के स्थान  (dark green)

– in Europe  (green आर dark grey)
– युरोपेली सङ्घ  (green)  –  [नक्सा]

and largest city
५९°२१′उ॰ १८°४′पू॰ / ५९.३५०°N १८.०६७°E / 59.350; 18.067
Official languages Swedish[c]
Ethnic groups ८१.९% स्वीडेनी[१][d]
५% फिनल्यान्ड मुलका[२]
१३% अन्य (२००९)[३][४]
Demonym Swedish or Swedes
Government Unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy
 •  Monarch King Carl XVI Gustaf
 •  Prime Minister Stefan Löfven (S)
 •  Speaker of
the Riksdag
Per Westerberg (M)
Legislature Riksdag
 •  Total ४४९,९६४ km2 (57th)
१७३,७४५ sq mi
 •  Water (%) 8.7
 •  2009 census 9,354,462[५]
 •  Density 20.6/km2 (192nd)
५३.३/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2010 estimate
 •  Total $337.893 billion[६]
 •  Per capita $36,502[६]
GDP (nominal) 2010 estimate
 •  Total $443.718 billion[६]
 •  Per capita $47,934[६]
Gini (2005)23
HDI (2010)वृद्धि 0.885[७]
Error: Invalid HDI value · 9th
Currency Swedish krona (SEK)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 •  Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Date format yyyy-mm-dd
Drives on the right[e]
Calling code 46
Internet TLD .se[f]
a. ^ För Sverige – I tiden has been adopted by Carl XVI Gustaf as his personal motto.

b. ^ Du gamla, Du fria has never been officially adopted as national anthem, but is so by convention.
c. ^ Since 1 July 2009.[८][९] Five other languages are officially recognized as minority languages.[१०] They are: Finnish, Meänkieli, Romani, Sami and Yiddish. The Swedish Sign Language also has a special status.
d. ^ As of 2008, 18% of the population had foreign origins (13% if excluding Finns and 9% if also excluding other Scandinavians), with 14% foreign-born and another 4% born in Sweden of two foreign-born parents.[११]
e. ^ Since 3 September 1967.

f. ^ The .eu domain is also used, as it is shared with other European Union member states. The .nu domain is another commonly used top-level domain ("nu" means "now" in Swedish).

परिचय सम्पादन करी

जनसंख्या सम्पादन करी

इतिहास सम्पादन करी

भूगोल सम्पादन करी

राज्यनीति सम्पादन करी

अर्थतन्त्र सम्पादन करी

धर्म सम्पादन करी

जीवनशैली सम्पादन करी

सम्बन्धित विषयसभ सम्पादन करी

एहो सभ देखी सम्पादन करी

सन्दर्भ सामग्रीसभ सम्पादन करी

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बाह्य जडीसभ सम्पादन करी