"आकृति:Conservation status" के अवतरणसभमे अन्तर

added the iucn lists beside each classification.
(added the iucn lists beside each classification.)
|heading2 = Extinct
|content2 = [[Extinction|Extinct]] ([[IUCN Red List of extinct species|List]])<br/>[[Extinct in the Wild]] ([[IUCN Red List extinct in the wild species|List]])
|heading3 = [[Threatened species|<font color="white">Threatened]]
|content3 = [[Critically Endangered]] ([[Lists of IUCN Red List Critically Endangered species|List]])<br/>[[Endangered species|Endangered]] ([[Lists of IUCN Red List endangered species|List]])<br/>[[Vulnerable species|Vulnerable]] ([[Lists of IUCN Red List vulnerable species|List]])
|heading4 = At lower risk
|content4 = [[Conservation Dependent]] ([[IUCN Red List conservation dependent species|List]])<br/>[[Near Threatened]] ([[Lists of IUCN Red List near threatened species|List]])<br/>[[Least Concern]]
|content5style = padding:0.5em 0 0.5em 0;
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