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imported>Can't sleep, clown will eat me
(Protected Template:Multicol: protected high-risk template [edit=autoconfirmed:move=sysop])
{| width="{{{1|100%}}}" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="background-color:transparent;table-layout:fixed;"
|- valign="top"
|<div style="margin-right:{{{2|20px}}};"></includeonly><noinclude>
== Usage ==
{{tl|Multicol}} is used to start a multi-column section of a page. Between each block of column text insert <tt>{{tl|Multicol-break}}</tt> and close the last column with <tt>{{tl|Multicol-end}}</tt>. For example:
== Parameters ==
This template has onetwo optional parameterparameters: the overall width of the set of columns. - This can be an absolute value (e.g., <tt>40em</tt>) or a percentage of the available page width (e.g., <tt>50%</tt>). This parameter defaults to <tt>100%</tt>. For example, to create a multi-column section that is only 50% the width of the page:
- and the width of the gutter, in pixels, em, or anything else.
== Related templates ==
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