"आकृति:Multicol" के अवतरणसभमे अन्तर

Removed undocumented 2nd and 3rd positional parameters.
(Fixed typos in the examples.)
(Removed undocumented 2nd and 3rd positional parameters.)
The multi-column region is always positioned on the left of the page. To change this, place the above Wikitext in a <tt>[[DIV (HTML tag)|DIV]]</tt> block that has the [[Cascading Style Sheet|CSS]] attribute <tt>text-align</tt> set to either <tt>center</tt> or <tt>right</tt>.
{| width="{{{1|100%}}}" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="background-color: {{{2|transparent}}}; text-color: {{{3|black}}}"
| valign="top" width="1*" |
<div style="margin-right: 15px">
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