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This is the {{pipe}} meta-template. It looks like this: | This template should be used if you want to see a vertical bar character as part of the final article. To simply delay the interpretation of a vertical bar as wikitext, use {{!}}.

This template uses the | decimal code for the vertical bar (or pipe character) so that its usage doesn't cause problems when it is used inside a template. This situation most commonly arises when the title of a cited reference contains a pipe character instead of a hyphen or dash (e.g. Xbox.com | Xbox.com Home). {{Pipe}} is easier to remember and clearer than an unadorned |.

Please do not use the Unicode ǀ (which produces ǀ) since that does not work in all web browsers. It is also slightly smaller than |.

Alternative names सम्पादन करी

The following names redirect here and can be used as alternative names for this template:

See also सम्पादन करी

आकृति:Escape template list

  • {{'}} - Used to encode apostrophe to keep it separate from '' and ''' markup.