{{country data {{{1}}}|flagcountry/core|variant=|size=|name=}}

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Produces a flag icon attached to a wikilinked article. This template is similar to the more widely used {{flag}} template, but is more useful for two situations described below.

  • |1= (first unnamed parameter): Use either the name of the nation or in some cases, a three-letter country code (e.g. ISO 3166-1 alpha-3)
  • |variant= or |2= (optional parameter): Specifies an alternative (historical) flag to use. This parameter is documented by the appropriate template in Category:Country data templates.
  • |size= (optional): Can be used to change the flag icon size.
  • |name= (optional): The display text of the target wikilink is usually automatically generated, but can always be over-ridden with the name parameter.

Usage examplesसंपादित करें

  1. {{flagcountry|ITA}} इटाली
    In this case, the country code for Italy (ITA) is used to produce the correct flag and wikilink. In many cases, it would probably be preferable to use {{flag}} to produce the same result, such as {{flag|Italy}} for this example. However, {{flagcountry}} could be used within other templates (such as infoboxes) so that country codes can be used for those template parameters.
  2. {{flagcountry|ITA|1861}} इटाली
    Similar to the first example, but with a flag variant parameter to select a historical flag image. Note that the wikilinked article is [[Italy]].
  3. {{flagcountry|Kingdom of Italy}} इटाली
    In this example, a different country data template is used, to select an alternative article for the wikilink (in this case, [[Kingdom of Italy|Italy]]). Compare with {{flag|Kingdom of Italy}} Kingdom of Italy, in which "Kingdom of Italy" is the display text for the wikilink. Therefore, the choice of flagcountry or flag depends on the desired display text; in all other respects, the templates are identical.
  4. {{flagcountry|South Korea|name=Korea}} Korea

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TemplateData for Flagcountry

Produces a flag icon next to a wikilinked country name.

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साँचे के पैरामीटर्स

Nationnation 1

The name or code of the country.

Variantvariant 2

The flag variant to be displayed.


The size of the flag icon.


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